Saturday, 14 May 2011

CBD lunches: Cumulus

Venue: Cumulus Inc. (takeaway)
Meal: Lunch
Earlier this week I was wandering down Flinders Lane in search of some quick sustenance to get me through the rest of the work day when I quickly decided on Cumulus Inc. While I must confess I haven’t eaten at Cumulus Inc, it has long been one of my favourites for a quick take-away sandwich and a place to indulge in my caffeine addiction. I had ordered my  usual favourite (the chicken and avocado sandwich) when I noticed a roll with what suspiciously looked like pork belly and coleslaw poking out from between the ciabatta. After an instantaneous change of mind I walked out with what was described as a ‘crispy skinned pork roll’ ($10).

As I unwrapped the brown paper bag the aromas of chili and Vietnamese mint informed me that I hadn’t ordered a traditional roast pork and slaw sandwich. The coleslaw was a mixture finely shaved cabbage, Vietnamese mint, scallions and a piquant vinegar based dressing. The pork was suitably crispy on the side with the remainder meltingly tender. The pork and slaw were accompanied by a smear of an asian chilli mayo, which completed a flavourful combination sandwiched in a good quality ciabatta roll. The flavour combination smacked of Andrew McConnell’s bromantic feelings for David Chang and has me looking forward to visiting  Momofuku Ssam in NYC later this year…

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  1. Sounds good, now I have to try it.

  2. I'm thinking you need to courier me one of momofuku ssam's banh mi's when you're in NYC!! However, perhaps express post from Melbourne might be somewhat more feasible! Loving the blog and am thinking someone's going to be checking out SLR's at duty free ;)


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