Monday, 31 October 2011

Tomato-tastic amateur gardening hour

My addiction to really good tomatoes has become a tad energy consuming over this long weekend. Instead of buying them from markets to eat on their own or paired with basil and top notch mozzarella, I decided to buy some different varieties of plants from Ripponlea and plant my own. This may have been excessive in terms of effort and probably more expensive than just buying them, but now I get to have the satisfaction of watching them grow (hopefully) and raiding them for choice fruit like a naughty child (note: i may have gotten in trouble for doing this in my uncle's and gran's garden as a child).

Future salad ingredients waiting to be planted and super awesome new blue leather gardening gloves (pretty close to 'kingfisher' blue if you ever had a 72 set of derwents).

My new basil plant hanging out with my replaced flat leaf parsley (probably too close together but who cares).

My lone impulse buy strawberry plant waiting to be re-potted when i can be bothered getting it a bigger pot.

A few of the tomato plants, one of them will grow green fruit with tiger stripes, pretty cool.

1 comment:

  1. Such a wonderful idea! Now you can add "green-thumb" to your resume!!


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