Monday, 23 January 2012

CBD lunches: affordable luxury @ Waffle On

Workers in Melbourne’s CBD are spoiled for choice when it comes to lunchtime sustenance to fuel their afternoon of hard work (or endless meetings interspersed with internet time wasting). I want to share one of my favourite budget friendly but luxurious lunch spots. 

Waffle On is one of those places that everyone would have walked past (it’s sneakily sitting at the top of the Degraves Street subway entrance to Flinders Street) but not necessarily noticed. It specialises in baguettes and of course waffles. 

The waffles are top notch and range from around $3-6 depending on how piggy you’re feeling with toppings (ice cream and maple is $6). 

There are seven types of baguettes (all $9, or $10 with water), which are fresh baked throughout the day and filled upon request by the charming French owner/baguette maestro . My favourite baguette is so favoured that I have only ever once ordered a different type (the roast beef, awesome but not my favourite). Not even blogging would draw me away from ordering the chicken baguette, which is filled with slices of house cooked tender chicken, lettuce, tomato and a delicious house made mayonnaise. 

My equally gluttonous lunch companion ordered the ham, gruyere, cornichon and mustard  baguette, which was also delicious (note: he has now switched to the chicken upon return visits).

The baguettes are always perfectly crispy on the outside and on most occasions (including this one) the soft interior bread is still warm.

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