Sunday, 17 June 2012

Doña Tona @ Penny Blue

After a rough Monday in the office I went along with PHo and AC to try out the Doña Tona pop-up at Penny Blue.

Doña Tona has been popping up at Penny blue for the last three weeks serving a rotating range of tacos, tamales and sopes to hungry Melburnians. What sets Doña Tona apart from the many new Mexican places around the CBD is its quality home style cooking courtesy of the front-of-house manager's mother, Rosa.

tongue tacos

What we ate: a warming pork and chicken sopa with pork crackling, beef sopes, vegetarian sopes, beef tongue tacos and poached chuck steak tacos. The highlights were the sublime beef tongue tacos and the vegetarian sopes (suprisingly better than the beef).
Pork sopa and crackling
What we drank: sierra Nevada pale ale - one of my favourite American beers. Hopefully someone can start importing Fat Tire.
crackling and pale ale
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