Sunday, 9 September 2012

CBD Lunches: Kenzan @ GPO

One of my favourite places for a quick bite of quality lunchtime sushi is the Kenzan outpost in the GPO building. I work near the posh main Kenzan restaurant, but don’t generally have the time or the cash to pop in for a quick $35 bento. Instead I prefer heading to Kenzan @ GPO, which is not the cheapest Japanese lunch option in the city, but the quality ingredients are worth it. 

It specialises in high-quality sushi rolls with interesting ingredients. All of the nori rolls are roll your own, which ensures that the nori is pleasantly crisp and much tastier than pre-rolled nori. The sushi rolls range from $3.50-$5. 

Soft shell crab inside out roll

Prawn and avocado inside out roll

Spicy tuna nori roll: pre-rolled state

Spicy tuna nori roll
Their sashimi (around $15 for a small serve) is also super fresh and perfectly prepared.  The noodle options are also a good choice for something more substantial. 


Pork ramen noodles
Vegetable udon noodles

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  1. I really don't understand those who don't like sashimi, because it's raw. I mean, dipped on good sauce, it sure tastes delicious! I remembering throwing a party just to use our sushi roll maker, and served sashimi together with it. Many liked the sushi and disregarded the sashimi.


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