Thursday, 8 November 2012

London Lunching @ Muriel's Kitchen

During my recent eurotip I ate a lot of good food in some amazing places...

On my first day in London, upon discovering that I was staying nearby to where an old friend has been living, he decided to give me a tour of his neighbourhood, South Kensington.

It's a pretty upmarket area (on the Piccadilly line) with a lot of museums, Royal Albert Hall, cute shops and cafes, as well as Hyde Park just to the north. On this rather grey summer afternoon, my friend took me to one of his favourite local lunch destinations, Muriel's Kitchen. Muriel's Kitchen is a gorgeous cafe (with an amazing cake display) based on the concept of one of the proprietor's grandmother's kitchen. It's beautifully homey and the food all looks like something my own gran would have cooked (if she had such styled crockery).

We started with coffees. Not being a local I ordered a cappuccino without realising that Melburnians should not order milk coffee in London unless they like weak cappuccinos (or are hanging out at Flat White or St. Ali London) Regardless, it was better than the coffee I'd had in Paris.

We ordered some of the colourful salads (both £4.25) to accompany our shared main. The first of these was a delicious combination of still crisp sugar snap peas and beans with orange, hazelnut, red onion and herbs (parsley and dill).

The next salad was a more Asian style combination of broccoli, chilli, garlic, soy and sesame seeds.

We also shared a hearty main of Italian style meatballs in a basil and tomato sugo (£8.99)

While we were both far from hungry, the lure of the cake display led to the order of a decadent pear and pecan cake with coffee cream cheese frosting.

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